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    Dargun is a small town situated in Mecklenburg's "Little Switzerland", a region of lakes and hills created in the ice age. Dargun's history dates back 1000 years.

    In the year 1172 Danish Cistercian monks laid the foundation for the Dargun Monastery founded by German fellow Christians in 1209. After the Protestant Reformation, the monastery was modified into a castle. At the end of the Second World War, it fell prey to the devastating fire. All that is left today is the place of interest left behind by the monastery ruin.
    Today Dargun has 5,000 inhabitants. You can reach this town via B 110 Federal Highway (the former "Via Regia", the kings' and merchants' road)

    EcoNautic Systems Ltd. arose from the former Darguner Getriebe- und Zahnradwerk GmbH (DAGEZA). In the former GDR, the factory was a production site of Dargun State Holding for Mechanical Engineering and manufactured gear boxes and gear wheels. It belonged to the State Combine of Advanced Farm Machines, Guestrow Production Site.
    The company was founded as a woodworking craftsmen factory in 1943. In the year 1946, the company extended its field of activity. First, it began with maintenance and servicing of agricultural machinery. In 1948 it started to manufacture spare parts and small-scale agricultural devices.

    Since 1966 the company has exclusively specialized in the production of gear boxes and transmission elements. Its customers were former state combines for agricultural machinery. In the mid-80s the company extended its production and become a supplier to the automotive industry in Zwickau (Trabant) and Eisenach (Wartburg). For GDR automotive industry, the Dargun State Holding for Mechanical Engineering was the only manufacturer of axle drives. It produced about 300,000 pcs. yearly.

    After re-unification of Germany, the state holding was converted into DAGEZA in the mid-90s. In 1994, two Danish businessmen bought the factory, and thus they secured economic existence of a small team. Some of them still work for the company.

    So after 822 years, Danes are back to Dargun.